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2015-07-19 Colavita Gran Prix Race Report by Jake Hensley

After an inspiring conversation with J Novikoff and M Tufts on the CR ride, I put in a hard block of training on the trainer at home and hoped for the best. I felt fit, but the legs were quite sore. Still, the Colavita course suits me and I felt my chances were really good for a podium.

The race was fast the entire 60 minutes. I believe the race averaged 29mph. Mikes bikes had several riders in the race and they did a good job of controlling things at the front and never let anyone slip away. The race stayed together and made for a hotly contested 2 laps to go.

With 2 to go, I started moving up through the field and had a big helper in Chris Morris pulling me towards the front. He have gave all he had and helped put me in a good position.

As we went through the last chicane and rounded the last corner, I just didn’t have all the legs I needed and crossed the line in 7-8th place.

I was bummed to not land on the podium, especially on a course I like, but I felt good with the how the race went and to walk away with all my skin.

The feeling of a job well done was minimized by the scoring staff at the finish line, as they misplaced many many riders throughout the day, and mistakenly placed me at 15th. Oh well. Colavita GP will still be on my calendar next year. Hope to see more of you guys out there!

Thanks for reading.

Jake Hensley


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