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2016-04-23 Winchester Circuit Race Report by Ric Reinhardt

Teammates- none. Drove the course the week before. It’s a beast. You don’t have to be a climber to do well, but you have to be able to climb.

Got my country on during the ride up. I figured the Pploton would get shattered on the first lap. Didn’t know too many guys, but there was one Peet’s. Chatted him up on the first lap.

First lap was mild, I stayed up front and pulled without really putting out any effort. Get through the hardest climb on, which is at the finish, and didn’t have to go to deep to stay up front. 1/3 of the field dropped. 2nd lap was also pretty mellow.

Decided on the 3rd lap, on the last climb was the time to go. I chatted up the Peet’s guy – if we get away, nobody is going to work to catch us. We hit the 3rd climb hard. I tell the Peet’s guy to hit it to the top of the first tier and then I’ll take over. He gets there and I try to come around. I pull along side as we hit the base of the longest stretch of the climb and I can’t get by him. We come over the crest shot, but got a few guys rotating. 4 of us got away. A Sierra Nevada guy bridges up, they have 2. I attack the break a few times, but can’t shake anyone. I look back and see a 6th guy bridging. We hit the accelerator and he disappeared. Decide to sit in to conserve for climb at the finish. We hit it together and the Peet’s guy takes off. CA technologies rider responds and I jump. Stayed close, but strung out hitting the finish line. 3rd Place. Proud to represent. Next up, Golden State.


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